Lend Collective allows borrowers greater flexibility to negotiate a tailored transaction and investors access to quality opportunities on the same terms as the larger participating institutions and cornerstone investors.



A potential borrower ("Borrower") can apply for funding by completing the simple streamlined funding application which is available by clicking this link.

Once an application is submitted by the Borrower it is sent to the Lend Collective credit committee (which is comprised of individuals with extensive property, funding and legal experience) who will assess the application and may ask for further information regarding the Borrower’s requirements.

Once the credit committee has completed its due diligence requirements, the Lend Collective credit committee will issue the Borrower with a Terms Sheet if it wishes to offer a loan facility to the Borrower. Lend Collective is not a crowd funded platform but rather backed by family offices and high net worth individuals who allocate funds to real estate projects. An approved Terms Sheet means that the funding has been allocated to the Borrower.

The Loan Agreement will be entered into between a special purpose vehicle established as the lending entity for each new loan transaction ("Lending Entity") and the Borrower. The terms of the Loan Agreement will be negotiated between the Lending Entity and the Borrower. A Borrower does not have to deal with and will not know the identities of the investors. The Borrower will typically be required to grant a range of securities under the Loan Agreement, including but not limited to:

  • mortgage over project real property;
  • mortgage over related party’s real property;
  • general security agreement over the Borrower’s assets;
  • specific security agreement over certain assets held by the Borrower; and
  • individual and corporate guarantee and indemnity.

Borrowers are encouraged to negotiate the terms of the Loan Agreement. Once the Loan Agreement is negotiated and entered into by the relevant parties, funds will be available for draw down on the agreed date.