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Lend Collective allows borrowers greater flexibility to negotiate a tailored transaction and investors access to quality opportunities on the same terms as the larger participating institutions and cornerstone investors.

Each transaction is approved by Lend Collective’s credit committee.

Investors are invited to invest in credit approved transactions alongside participating institutions and cornerstone investors, and Lend Collective itself which commits to funding each approved transaction whilst agreeing to a scale-back allowing Lend Collective registered investors to participate in available transactions.


Lend Collective is collaboration between experienced professionals in the property development and capital financing industries.

Both borrowers and investors can leverage off the experience of the Lend Collective team in order to achieve their own desired outcomes, be it to gain access to opportunities on the same terms as the larger participating institutions or to gain access to funds on negotiated terms.

Our Founders

Lend Collective was founded by Salta Capital and Lend Collective, whose collaboration has extended to now including some of Australia’s most respected Property Industry identities and Family Offices.

All investment opportunities featured on Lend Collective are already funded by Lend Collective. Lend Collective will scale back to its minimum commitment amount to allow investors the opportunity to participate in the investment on the same terms as Lend Collective.

Salta Capital, a venture capital business, forms part of the privately-owned Salta Group incorporating one of Australia’s largest private property developers.

Lend Collective is a privately owned, venture capital investment introduction and matching platform provider with an extensive investor base.

The participating lenders scale back to allow users of Lend Collective to participate in the opportunity.

Q & A

If you have any questions regarding either the borrow process or the investment process, need help with your account, or would like further information about our services, please submit your enquiry via our contact page.